Strategic Farm Marketing is an innovative crop insurance and grain marketing firm. We recognize that the challenge of managing a farm business continues to grow and becomes more demanding.

Strategic Farm Marketing is one of the five largest independent crop insurance agencies in the state of Illinois, with a presence in ten Midwestern states.

In addition to crop insurance, we offer a complete program of grain marketing and commodity brokerage services. You have the opportunity to choose any or all of these services to meet the needs of your farm operation. Strategic Farm Marketing is the industry leader in tying together your insurance coverage and marketing plan.

We provide all the decision-making tools necessary to maximize profitability of your farm. Strategic Farm Marketing analyzes all aspects of your farming operation to come up with the crop insurance product and marketing plan that has the best opportunity for farm profitably with the least amount of risk.

Strategic Farm Marketing has been in business since 1985 and consists of seven farm marketing specialists, and 31 crop insurance agents, each with a very strong background in different areas of the agriculture industry.

Together, we comprise a very effective ‘think tank’ that has over 180 years of experience in this industry and is uniquely able to cope with today’s market uncertainties. Regardless of your location, our insurance and marketing specialists are available to customize a program to meet your individual needs.

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