At SFM, we offer marketing services. Our team has an extensive background working for grain companies and helping producers market their grain. There are several factors when deciding to market grain such as break even analysis, cash flow needs & on farm storage capabilities to name a few. We have also partnered with Grain Bridge to keep your acres, yield estimates, and all sales current so you are always are aware of your marketing position for each crop.

Tools include:

  • Grain Bridge management. We assist with keeping your grain bridge current
  • On call marketing counsel
  • Contract expertise. Is it the right time to do an accumulator? HTA? Cash? Basis? We help with all those decisions
  • In depth market text alerts
  • Growing season conference call access (hear from producers all over the Midwest during the growing season)

Each producer has a different situation and we are happy to listen and do our best to help you and your operation maximize profit!